Wolf Premium Oils



Wolf Premium Gun Oil
cleans and protects your firearms in ways
other brand name gun oils cannot achieve.

Wolf Premium Gun Oil
Premium Gun Oil Removes dust, residue, sludge, grime, and corrosive elements that other gun oils and cleaners leave behind.
Premium Gun Oil Protects metals by repelling moisture and dust
Premium Gun Oil Lubricates and creates a barrier against rust and corrosion
Premium Gun Oil Lowers barrel temperatures during active shooting
Premium Gun Oil An All-In-One Application, making field stripping and cleaning an easier task
Premium Gun Oil Virtually odorless, free of imposing fumes
Premium Gun Oil Trusted by military and law enforcement nationwide

The All-In-One Gun Oil & Cleaner has outperformed many other top-selling oils, lubricants and cleaners on the market.

Best Gun Oil I Ever Used

Quality tested to clean, lubricate, repel moisture and protect from corrosion.

Cleaning With Wolf Gun Oil

What’s The Difference?

Wolf Premium Gun Oil is superior to other brand name gun oils because of Polarization Technology. This process uses a synthetic oil that binds to the gun metal, to protect against corrosive and fouling elements. The result is a cleaner firearm that will provide a lifetime of service. And we all know, there may come a day when you’ll need your firearm to protect your family, your home, or your own life. Wolf’s Premium Gun Oil will keep your weapon ready for when it’s needed.

Skeptical? ... Take the Wolf Gun Oil Challenge

When time comes, clean your firearm using your favorite gun oil or cleaning solution. Once you’re satisfied, clean the firearm again using Wolf’s Premium Gun Oil. If you’re like most other gun owners, you’ll find significant grime and other fouling substances that your original gun oil left behind! You’ll be holding a firearm that is cleaner, better lubricated, and well protected. And we believe you’ll switch to Wolf Premium Gun Oil. Give it a try!

• Safe for use on all metals and most plastics.
• Decreases equipment maintenance up to 70%.
• Increases metals resistance to oxidation up to 78%.
• Increases lubricity up to 1200%

Quality tested to clean, lubricate, repel moisture
and protect from corrosion.
CAUTION: Product is flammable. Keep away from fire or flame.
Irritant. Keep out of eyes. Do not ingest.
40001   1 oz. bottle
40002   2 oz. bottle

- Also Available -
Wolf Archery Oil

Wolf Archery Oil has outperformed many other bow waxes on the market. The innovative synthetic oil used in the Archery Oil is to be applied to pulleys, cams and strings. The oil penetrates the bowstring without heating, reduces friction and enhances string colors. It will remove and repel moisture, repel dust and dirt, and protect against rust and corrosion to metals.

42001   1 oz. bottle
42002   2 oz. bottle

Wolf Reel Oil

Wolf Fishing Reel Oil has outperformed many other top-selling fishing reel oils on the market. The innovative synthetic oil used in the Fishing Reel Oil is safe for plastics. It cleans, lubricates, inhibits corrosion, repels moisture, safe for salt and fresh water gear, as well as old and new reel designs and molecularly bonds to all metals.

41001   1 oz. bottle
41002   2 oz. bottle

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